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Trailer: “Guest Who?!”

Host O.W. Showe invites audience members to guess the special guest during lively interview segments. “Guest Who?!” is a five episode Christian audio series that streams weekly (01-29 August 2020) exclusively on our website.

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Chapter 11: “Stop Resisting”

Watch the complete video companion from the critically acclaimed interactive e-book Emergency Alert: An Immersive Novel.

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Is Zoom Safe?
Online video conferences are vulnerable to hijacking by unauthorized persons who employ a well known tactic called Zoom-bombing. Anonymous hackers utilize social media communications to organize mass Zoom-bombings with the intent to terrorize private meetings and harass active participants. On 30 March 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a public warning…

The citizens in my hometown of Norman, Oklahoma envisioned ourselves as being different than those who resided in cities such as New York or Chicago. We believed that Norman presented a safe space for the Black community and due process was fairly implemented by an unbiased judicial system. 

“Blackface” A Virtual Art Exhibit

Source: Masa NYC

Masa NYC was once the quintessential embodiment of minimalistic opulence and exquisite cuisine betwixt a contemplative, ethereal dining experience. In fact, prior to February 2016, world-renowned sushi chef Masa Takayama maintained an infallible ranking as the face behind one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.. 

DIY Organic Facial

Sweet As Honey
Save time and money by utilizing two simple ingredients found in your refrigerator to create an invigorating, organic facial mask!
While the list is far from all-inclusive, organic fruits, herbs…

The Takeover: 10 hrs of 🔥🔥
DO NOT GRAB YOUR BALL AND GO HOME! There will be (faux) bloodshed; that’s okay. People will attempt to highjack your post and/or silence the message; that’s okay. Stick to the script! 

Distance Learning: Get The Facts
Distance Learning perpetuates an environment that favors students from higher socioeconomic backgrounds and small family units. Learners attending under-funded schools…

Those who participated in quarantine procedures were unmotivated, anxious and also suffered from symptoms of acute stress disorder and insomnia. Furthermore, individuals who were secluded due to possible disease exposure demonstrated signs of mental exhaustion, guilt and nervousness.

“Nurses Don’t Make Toys”
“We live in the most powerful country and these problems will get worse. The quality of care administered will suffer.” Joycelyn maintained that staff cutbacks will exacerbate nurse burnout, a widespread issue that has plagued the profession since inception.  

O.W. Showe is a former professional basketball player, retired US Air Force Flight Nurse and recipient of numerous hall of fame accolades for athletic and professional excellence. Often referred to as the inventor of modern day immersive writing, she enjoys sharing comedic banter with her husband Pocco and early morning walks on cartoon beaches.

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