One Woman

The Modern Miracle (EP) © O.W. Showe
The Modern Miracle – Track 1: “Get Up” © O.W. Showe

The Modern Miracle
Extended Play Album
Genre: God-Hop
Parental Guideline: G
Release Dates: 25 December 2020
Streaming: Exclusively on

(Trailer) La Bamba © O.W. Showe

“Too much, too soon” would prove a most suitable reference within present day society. La Bamba is a transitive verb that catapults the innocence of youth into a terrifyingly ornate adult lens. Forever banished were the rose colored glasses, brimming with reckless freedom and innate juvenile assurance as real life tales of kidnapping and airplane crashes drifted from the Zenith television set. Host O.W. Showe reintroduces such intimate moments with guests as they share colorful tales about their personal evolution into grownup wokeness. 

La Bamba
Indie Web Docuseries
Genre: Coming of Age
Parental Guideline: MA
Release Dates: 27 February 2021
Streaming: Exclusively on 

Trapped Inside © O.W. Showe

That very moment would prove her once in a lifetime opportunity to cancel the reservation at the Mandarin Oriental, soft fade the author staycation and return to the comforts of home. Instead, she naively reached for the lavender access key that was swathed in a crisply designed case, and bid her lover adieu…

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Trapped Inside
Indie Interactive Web Docuseries
Genre: Documentary
Parental Guideline: PG-13
Release Dates: 2020
P1: 03 Oct / P2: 07 Nov / P3: 05 Dec / P4: 02 Jan
Streaming: Exclusively on

“Press Play & Read” Immersion

The feeling is sticky and slimy, yet somehow delightfully hollow; not to the aggressor, of course. For the naively sappy, glass halfway full type of lover, the sensation is tantamount to monumental suffrage, courtesy of the depravities of romantic infatuation. His glaringly insensitive, yet astonishing cavalier declaration of “I want a divorce” over a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon launched her into a state of utter shock.

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The Secret
Indie Web Audio Series
Genre: Drama
Parental Guideline: MA
Release Dates: 2020
E1: 12 Sep / E2: 10 Oct / E3: 14 Nov
Streaming: Exclusively on

On The Good Foot © O.W. Showe

“A torn ant-er-o-fib what?” She was shocked by the diagnosis, yet, a specific term resonated louder than the accompanying medical jargon, chronic. Faced with the dilemma of rehabilitating an unstable ankle for the remainder of her lifetime or electing to undergo a surgical procedure during a global pandemic, the latter option was preferred. 

Now Streaming… Part II: Post-Op Recovery

On The Good Foot 
Indie Web Docuseries
Genre: Health Care Documentary
Parental Guideline: PG-13
Release Dates: 2020
P1: 17 Oct / P2: 21 Nov / P3: 19 Dec / P4: 16 Jan
Streaming: Exclusively on

Meet One Woman Showe

O.W. Showe is a former professional basketball player, retired US Air Force Flight Nurse and recipient of numerous hall of fame accolades for athletic and professional excellence. Often referred to as the inventor of modern day immersive writing, she enjoys sharing comedic banter with her husband Pocco and early morning walks on cartoon beaches.
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