Nice To Meet You!

Author’s Greeting © O.W. Showe

My name is O.W., but my friends call me “HoF,” and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. In 2018, I retired from the US Air Force and attempted to integrate back into a civilian lifestyle. Needless, to say, the undertaking was much more challenging than anticipated.

Fast forward roughly two years, combined with an atypical shelter-in-place order, and voilá. I developed a groundbreaking literary format that gently ushers readers into a fully immersive and intricate journey. 

From audio/visual production to creating live sound effects and snapping beautiful photographs, its all love here! As a self-taught secret digital nerd, I’m thrilled regarding the possibilities of merging new technology into our multimedia catalog, while simultaneously captivating the imaginations of audience members worldwide.

Please accept an invitation to read my newly released e-book, “Emergency Alert: An Immersive Novel,” now available on Apple Books

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