Let Old Projects Goooo 🎶

A few days past, while browsing through artifacts for Emergency Alert, I came across an old video that sent shivers down my spine. In celebration of the 2018 March Madness kickoff, my husband I dove headfirst into a creative rampage, vowing to produce thirty songs in thirty days, come heck or high water.

Or, as my ‘nana would often say, “If the sun don’t rise and the creek don’t set.”

In hindsight, we ran ourselves ragged with the self-imposed deadline. Can you imagine starting each day anew with the looming task of developing audio AND video content before the clock strikes midnight? It was maddening, to say the least. Yet, amongst the pandemonium, I gained a sublime appreciation of the arts, literature, subjective creative journeys and sharing good content with the world. The process afforded free mental space where thoughts turned into words, which eventually evolved into scenes and ultimately new characters. 

I digress.

We all have an origin story, although the players and environments often differ. My story began with a short manuscript and a grainy video of a cute puppet named Sam. I say, revisit your old projects, market them as bloopers, “never seen before” content, or raw footage from an innovative genius! 

We all have an origin story and this is mine…

© MadPo Production Studio (Circa 2018)

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