The Takeover: 10 hrs of 🔥

By now, you are most likely familiar with the emerging trend dubbed “Social Media Takeovers,” as lifestyle influencers and award-winning musical artists propel the movement across the globe. The basic premise is relatively simple, yet, click here for a solid explanation regarding the rules of engagement from a team of experts at Boston U. 

A lion’s share of the projects that we develop for O.W. Showe can be traced back to expanding her audience in places where she would otherwise go unnoticed. For example, name five Black animated characters. Okay, now, name three Black (and female) animated characters. I’ll wait.

Enjoy the the following audio accompaniment while we explain how this situation came to fruition.

© Layer Cake 2 – Courtesy of 197sk8

It all started with a text message…

© O.W. Showe

Doesn’t it always? Look, this time, it is not about you. Although my friendship with “Niki” extends greater than three decades, her response illustrated a position of privilege on my behalf. 

Unapologetically usher friends and family members into your movement; the benefits of doing so are limitless! Coincidentally, the shared space also presents an opportunity to remain “in touch” during challenging times. 

Imagine my surprise when Niki suggested that the takeover occur from 1400 – 2359h on 13 Jun versus 14 Jun, as proposed?! 

Confused? Listen up. I sent the text message at 1107h (13 Jun) simply testing the waters. By 1400h (13 Jun), O.W. was cartoon knees deep in controversy on Niki’s Facebook page!

* * *

Ask, and you shall receive. Always maintain an aresenal of your best work in preparation for the call; it’s coming! Neither myself, nor Showe have social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). However, we fully support safe spaces where the voice of the people can be heard. I believe that the opportunity to evolve is presented daily. Sure, Niki’s legion of followers could have certainly fried O.W., yet elected to embrace her presence. Although, I must confess that the direct messenger was flooded with frightened colleagues inquiring if her account was hijacked by a bot! Hmm… O.W. Showe-bot. ShoweBoat, maybe? No? Yes. Which brings us to the next lesson…

No one cares. Agh! Before diving into the takeover headfirst, switch places with their digital squad. “What’s In It For Them,” or the WIFT approach to sales is a staple in O.W.’s toolbox. The response was overwhelmingly positive as we issued free promotional codes, via direct messenger, to friends who “liked,” or showed a little love on Showe’s posts (pun). 

DO NOT GRAB YOUR BALL AND GO HOME! There will be (faux) bloodshed; that’s okay. People will attempt to highjack your post and/or silence the message; that’s okay. Stick to the script! Present (versus push) content and engage the audience. However, the takeover is not your opportunity to play therapist. These are billable hours and you are inviting new friends to share your enthusiasm. Remain professional and aboveboard at all times, or consider preparing a template beforehand. Do not press the cancel button on your career by Tokyo drifting off topic. At one point, O.W. stopped and requested permission to resume the takeover. Permission was granted by the people and she charged onward for the people.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

Harriet Tubman (Black Abolitionist, Political Activist)

Sure, once the environment relaxed and dialogue blossomed, one would presume that Niki’s friends engaged the videos, songs and abundance of digital offerings. After all, the vibe transitioned from a bumpy start to a warm environment where Showe felt welcomed and protected. Don’t fall for the okie-doke. Maintaining a reciprocal friendship requires an infinite level of assessment and evaluation. Do not overextend your invitation by mercilessly piling food upon the mental plates of your new friends. Check your site traffic, relax and go with the flow. Read the room and if the situation doesn’t “feel” right, then the insights will either support or debunk your assessment. Then, become accustomed to that feeling, you’re growing! 

Admittedly, the takeover was perhaps the most stimulating undertaking that our team has experienced in quite some time. Think, virtual cocktail party filled with interesting people who love the host, yet aren’t too certain about your status. Overall, we learned more lessons than one can exhaustively describe within this article. Furthermore, the event literally forced O.W. to step outside of her cartoon world and into the spotlight with real friends.

Madinah Slaise
Executive Producer, EIC (

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