“Guest Who?!”

Studio Host O.W. Showe invites audience members to guess the special guest during modern reenactments and lively interview segments.

Episode 01 – It’s A Jungle Out There

HINT – “At the end of ten days, see how we look compared to the other young men who are eating the king’s food. Then make your decision in light of what you see.” (Book of Guest 1, verse 13).

“Guest Who?!” Episode 01 – It’s A Jungle Out There © O.W. Showe

Audio Miniseries: Guest Who?! (5 episodes) 
Release Date: 01 August 2020
Streaming: owshowe.com (01-29 Aug 2020)
Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise
Original Manuscript & Musical Composition: Madinah Slaise
Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise 
Studio Host: O.W. Showe 
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio

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