On The Good Foot

Part I: Case File #42aTr3

“A torn ant-er-o-fib what?” She was shocked by the diagnosis, yet, a specific term resonated louder than the accompanying medical jargon, chronic. Faced with the dilemma of rehabilitating an unstable ankle for the remainder of her lifetime or electing to undergo a surgical procedure during a global pandemic, the latter option was preferred. 

On The Good Foot – Part I: Case File #42aTr3 © O.W. Showe

On The Good Foot 
Indie Web Docuseries
Genre: Health Care Documentary
Parental Guideline: PG-13
Release Dates: 2020
P1: 17 Oct / P2: 21 Nov / P3: 19 Dec / P4: 16 Jan 
Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com
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