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The Secret © O.W. Showe

domestic violence – noun
:violent or abusive behavior directed by one family or household member against another
Source: Merrian-Webster Dictionary

The Secret is the 1st installment in our “Press Play & Read” web series.

Indie Short Story Web Series: The Secret
Genre: Drama
Parental Guideline: MA
Series Release Dates: 2020
E1: 12 Sep / E2: 10 Oct / E3: 14 Nov 
Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com
Director & Exec Producer: O.W. Showe
Original Manuscript & Score: O.W. Showe
Cinematographer/Illustrator: O.W. Showe  
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio

Studio Host O.W. Showe invites audience members to guess the special Biblical guest during modern reenactments and lively interview segments. “Guest Who?!” is a 5 episode Christian audio series that streams weekly (01-29 August 2020) exclusively on our website.

Indie Christian Audio Web Miniseries: Guest Who?!
Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Parental Guideline: G
Series Release Dates: 2020
E1: 01 Aug / E2: 07 Aug / E3: 14 Aug / E4: 21 Aug / E5: 28 Aug 
Streaming: Exclusively on owshowe.com 
Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise
Original Manuscript & Score: Madinah Slaise
Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise 
Studio Host: O.W. Showe 
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio