noun: yielding results, benefits, or profits


The W/NBA dedicated the 2020 basketball season to social justice reform and the Black Lives Matter Movement while unwittingly failing to acknowledge systemic gender inequality, sexual harassment and the blatant toxicity of a polarizing team co-owner.

The New Norman

Although the global health care crisis has prevented a true return to a normal way of life in many parts of the world, Norman, Oklahoma remains an anomaly. Living life to the fullest extent in spite of CDC guidelines and recommendations on behalf of local medical personnel is a philosophy that illustrates the mentality of those residing in the midwestern town.


Unemployment: A Broken System As of June 2020, the United States (U.S.) Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a loss of 36 million jobs due to the economic strain caused by an upsurge in COVID-19 cases. Yet, an undisclosed narrative hides behind the harsh reality that confronts citizens who attempt to apply for unemployment insurance (UI) […]


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