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“If we want to solve problems like hunger, poverty, climate change, global conflict, and obesity, we need to aspire to play games online for at least 21 billion hours a week, by the end of the next decade.”

Grab & Go Transpo

Aligned with their lingering popularity, public safety concerns have fueled the restriction of e-scooters within several municipalities throughout America. California recently amended Vehicle Code legislation that prohibits the operation of such devices on public sidewalks. The revision also regulates highway travel, governing speed limits to less than 35 miles per hour. On 10 October 2018 the National Association of Insurance Commissioners urged riders to revisit their personal policies for statutes addressing electronic vehicles. The recommendation was published as a result of a myriad of collisions and injuries reported that year.


Online video conferences are vulnerable to hijacking by unauthorized persons who employ a well known tactic called Zoom-bombing. Anonymous hackers utilize social media communications to organize mass Zoom-bombings with the intent to terrorize private meetings and harass active participants.


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