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“Can I live?” – IDEAS

Black Love: A Beautiful Docuseries © MadPo Production Studio

The melodic prose of critically acclaimed novelist O.W. Showe fuses with colorful animation and never seen before footage as intimate stories of Black love unveil. Traverse a wonderfully artistic “Memory Lane,” paved with warm memoirs of passion, friendship and romantic infatuation.   

From hearts that pain with long-distance adoration to a love affair spanning continents, tales of kinship and personal maturation are woven into the fabric of this original docuseries. 

“This is for the dreamers. The ones who believe in love at first sight. The souls that nurture new soil and the lush greenery that blossoms. This is Black Love.” – O.W. Showe

Original Docuseries: Black Love: A Beautiful Docuseries
Release Date: 07 November 2020
Streaming: Exclusively on
Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise
Original Manuscript & Score: Madinah Slaise
Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise  
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio

Studio Host O.W. Showe invites audience members to guess the special guest during modern reenactments and lively interview segments. “Guest Who?!” is a five episode Christian audio series that streams weekly (01-29 August 2020) exclusively on our website.

Episode 01 – It’s A Jungle Out There 

HINT – “At the end of ten days, see how we look compared to the other young men who are eating the king’s food. Then make your decision in light of what you see.” (Book of Guest 1, verse 13).

“Guest Who?!” Episode 01 – It’s A Jungle Out There © O.W. Showe

Audio Miniseries: “Guest Who?!” (5 episodes) 
Release Date: 01 August 2020 (01-29 Aug 2020)
Now Streaming: Exclusively on
Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise
Original Manuscript & Score: Madinah Slaise
Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise 
Studio Host: O.W. Showe 
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio

Ep 01 – It’s A Jungle Out There
© O.W. Showe

Ep 02 – C.E.Oh.
© O.W. Showe

A story about stories… the forgotten stories of those who were discarded for their imperfections.

The Discards: Ep 01 “get_away” 

TV Show: The Discards (4 episode animated series) 
Release Date: 04 July 2020
Now Streaming: &
Director & Exec Producer: Wolfgang-Pocco 
Original Manuscript & Score: Wolfgang-Pocco
Narrator: Madinah Slaise 
Distributor: MadPo Production Studio

The Discards Official Teaser © 197sk8
The Discards Official Trailer © 197sk8

Imagine receiving an emergency alert on your cell phone in 한글 (Hangul), which is the alphabet utilized to write the Korean language. No amount of Duolingo prepares the brain for those flashing alerts and rising sense of panic. However, the initial warning paled in comparison to burgeoning rumors that a “new influenza bug” had begun to wreak havoc on the local elderly populace. Essentially, the novel coronavirus was running rampant and no one was the wiser, including us.

E-Book: Emergency Alert: An Immersive Novel
Genre: Interactive/Short Stories/Fiction
Release Date: 24 April 2020 (Apple Books)
Author: O.W. Showe
ISBN: 978-1-7923-3788-8
Director & Exec Producer: Madinah Slaise 
Cinematographer/Illustrator: Madinah Slaise
Original Score: Madinah Slaise
Narrator: O.W. Showe
Publisher: MadPo Production Studio   
Additional Information: E.A./2020

Ch 11 – Stop Resisting © O.W. Showe
E.A./2020 Official Trailer © O.W. Showe

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